Thursday, October 21, 2004

Yankee Sorrow: To all Redsox Fans and Yankee enemies

At first (and at second, third and fourth for that matter) I was mad at all the people cheering the Redsox, I was heart broken and sad at this possibly marking the end of an era for my team. The fear of that, for me, was far greater then the Yankees actually losing and suffering "the biggest collapse" in post season history.

That didn't bother me because I am a true and educated fan and know that no team with as many changes as the Yankees made last year had ever won a division. I knew they had virtually no left handed pitching, were without Jason Giambi and simply were not at this point (and it kills me to say but it's true) the better team. I knew that winning the first three games was not so much a sign of dominance as it was a sign of sheer heart which is all they had to run on so many times this year.

I knew they distinguished themselves quite well and frankly I love them and can forgive this "failure".

But something special happened this year. The Resox had heart too. For once in nearly 80 years, they out-Yankeed then Yankees and my hat is off to them, it seems some of their nemisis has finally rubbed off on them.

As I said, I was mad and all you detractors of my team, but now I can look upon you with new eyes. You poor bastards, you have suffered for so long. We NY fans have been greedy and selfish and have hogged too many post seasons. So please by all means RedSox, go go go. Win the World Series, celebrate, end your curse and move forward into a new world.

BUT, Please WIN damnit.

If you win then everything makes sense, it's all worthwhile. We can be closer to brothers in the future and less enemies. I look forward to that future. If you lose however, then all of this would have been a waste, the entire season would be a terrible tragedy and the hostility and contempt between us will be catapulted to new, unheard of, levels. I don't want to live in that world. I don't want my heart to have to suffer that burden. So with that in mind:



Friday, October 08, 2004


A snippit from my favorite...and I know I am going to hell so please don't waste your breath reminding me...

...Three grown men clinging to one another on a scooter. ....... There was a slap fight when they all wanted to be the driver, but that was solved with a crayon-eating contest. Now Jimmy is driver, Mikey is the meat in a retard sandwich, and Feepo is left with crayon breath.

God how I needed that laugh. Again and again and again and again...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Well the duality of life has struck again. On the one side, my new job is wonderful and gives me 3 hrs a day back to spend with my family. On the bad side:

1. My Son is sick with Sinusitis and Raging Pink Eye in both eyes
2. I am sick with Sinusitis and Pink eye in one eye
3. I have no choice but to work through it because:
4. 2 Biopsies of the right side of my next came back positive and:
5. I must have a full right side neck dissection just as I did on the left which will:
6. Leave me without much feeling on both sides of my neck, lower cheeks and upper shoulders and:
7. Since they are going into the Thyroid bed a second time, the chances of having voice problems go from 1% to 10-15%
8. I am just so tired of this...

But believe it or not I am also about the happiest I ever have been so it's time to just suck it up and deal.

Luckily my new job is being supportive and my position should be secure even if I miss 5-6 days before I have earned any Sick or Vacation time...

Well I guess that's the highlights for now :-)