Friday, August 29, 2003

Well Spank my ass and call me Charlie. I'm Sir Lancelot!

You are Sir Launcelot.
Heroicly you are stereotyped into rescuing damsels
in distress...only you get confused and rescue
the wrong sex sometimes. You look for fights
in all the wrong places, and pretend your
friends and loved ones are hurt to dramaticly
avenge their murder. You might be too brave for
your britches.

What Monty Python Holy Grail Quest Character are You?
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Thursday, August 28, 2003

This weeks' 'Out of Context' Joke, compliments of Happa's Blog:

<'In the last year Jonathan has gained 15 pounds and has grown 13 inches'>

I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss some of those pop-up ads. Lucky bastard! :-)

In the last year I think I have gained 20lbs and shrunk a quarter inch.... (Take that as you will :-)

Monday, August 18, 2003

I was hoping to have more time. I have really meant to speak with you all. I have tons of congrats and sympathies and miss-you's to pass out copriciously from my many boxes of need-to's. But of course, like a republican around a pro-choice bill, I just couldn't get around to doing it. (I'm pro-choice yada yada, get over the analogy). I have been buried under work. I wish I was able to read and blog more, and hopefully will be able to sometime soon.

I did get home by 11:30pm Friday night after walking from Wall street to Atlantic avenue Brooklyn, hitching a ride to Queens Plaza and then 'Asking', so all is good...

I have to run but Chyna, Blixx, Paul, Brenda, So many blessings and best wishes to you.

Mike, so sorry about your grandfather :-(

The best to EVERYONE!

Things are going very well with me. So well I have kind of dropped off the map to dedicate myself more deeply to my wife and son, but I plan to have my time management vastly improved soon.


P.S. oh my god Rhinogirl. Nearly blew a gasket on that plate LOLOL. "Seize the Joke!"

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Welcome to the great blackout of 2003. I am stuck in the City, 2 hours from home by rail. There's nowhere to go and no way to get there. Dig in kiddies, because this is sucking with a capital SUCK.

Hope you all are well and Safe.


Remember, you heard it here 1,233rd... :-)