Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Is it just me or is everyone as thilled to hear from LOGI again. Hi Logi, hope things get better for you!

Monday, July 29, 2002

Weekend update:

Baby has not come yet. It defiantly remains in it's mothers womb, drinking cocktails and flipping me the bird now and then....

House now has Garage and front doors, a roof and windows! Soon there will be Siding and the interior fun will begin! I'll post a picture soon, I think it's amazing to see a house go up, I never have before. Maybe a nice little animated collage would be nice? Oh yea??? Well I CARE! :-)

Had a VERY BAD head cold last week, mostly better now, but you know what? If those things are bad enough you really CAN'T taste anything! I thought it was BS, but it's true. Of course my loving wife gets no end of amusement out of my preoccupation with this discovery....

Hope you all had a great weekend, lotsa love.


Friday, July 19, 2002

Awsome post Tempest!!! I needed the smile too! :-)

Don't worry Ally, I assure you we look at EVERYTHING together. I mean what fun is decadence if you can't share the experience with your partner. I just love watching certain 'programs' together to conversationns like:

Sparks: Oh god, those are so not real.
Wry: ewww, look at those stretch marks, SOMEBODY had liposuction!
Sparks: Do you think she's pretty?
Wry: Eh.
Sparks: What the hell is she doing? She sounds like a dog barking?
Wry: That would make sense, look at that bone.
Sparks: Jeez, could you care a little less honey? At least look awake!
Wry: What the hell is all this crap?
Sparks: Plot line honey, for some reason these wackos insist upon it. Apparently these people consider themselves dramatic actors and not trashy high-prices whoes...

You get the idea...

Love is truly bliss :-)


Thursday, July 18, 2002

Okay I have to stop my self-therapy of bitching about people who piss me off, anonomously. The temptation is becomming to great to start dropping hints and what-not so out of respect for certain other people I will keep my yap shut before I give away too much...

In other news:

Happa, you beat us, Alicia and I working together still got 3 sets of boobs wrong... only 85% so you are still the king...um queen :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

That sounds very appealing Boogie :-)

A slap in the head with a rotten Salmon would be a nice capper as well I think...

Some people just don't 'get it' in a larger sense. They don't understand that the world does not revolve around them and they do not understand that it is not the job of everyone else in the world to cater to them even if they expect it. The sad part is that no matter how long you wait, these people never get that one clue that perpetually seems to elude them...

On the bright side, I love my wife deeply, the baby is about 3 weeks away and the house seems to be flying up! Happy Happy Happy!!!

Hope you are all doing well.

Tempest, I hope it doesn't come to that. We still haven't had a chance to get together as couples and I'd hate to see another pair of really nice people move away prematurely...


Monday, July 15, 2002

Ever get the unsettlingly pleasing notion of shoving a dirty shovel roughly up somebody's ass, knowing that they really could use the intellectual boost?.... Strange how those thoughts can occur before 9am in the morning...

Friday, July 12, 2002

Boogie, does that paintball gun work with hot paint? I figure the satisfaction level would go way up if I could boil the paint balls before shooting them :-)
Sometimes I wish this were like some private therapy blog were only liscenced therapists who do not know me or any of my co-workers, family or friends would read my words and give me advice. That way I could post several pages about anyone who repeatedly frustrated the hell out of me with thoughtless, short-sighted thinking or generic dimwitted, inconsiderate crap. I could go on at length with impunity, no ones feelings would be hurt and it wouldn't get back to anyone.... But that's as maybe. And now, number 2....The Larch...The Larch.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Grumble grumble, bitch bitch bitch, claw, slap, kick, poke in the arm with a fork. Snarl and hiss, swat with a stick.... Names and detailes left out to protect the irrelevent. Honestly, I just shake my head and wonder why some things grate on me so...

Now that I've got that off my chest :-)

Things at home are going so well! Only about 4 or so weeks until the baby. We are just so thrilled. It's times like this I realize not just how much we love eachother but also how truly good friends we are to eachother. The house is now being framed out (Some of you received the pics) and it looks like they are building in turbo mode which is fine with me, the sooner the better I say, I mean it's not like we had to wait 53 weeks for them to start or anything! :-)
It was really good to see Skye, EvilG and MeeG last week. My trips out are less frequent now as I try to be by Alicia's side as much as possible. It's such a thrill to be able to feel that baby move and flip and kick and what a joy to feel the satisfaction of knowing I can truly be helpful to my wife. Being able to give freely and be truly needed can be such an exhilerating thing! I love how good it feels every time Alicia smiles lovingly because she didn't have to do something mundane like go downstairs herself for a glass of water or bend down to pick up that napkin she dropped...

I guess things are very busy for a lot of people around now, blogs are less frequent for many of you, and you are missed. Hope you all get a chance to post soon.

Skye and Rhinogirl, hope things get better and better for you very quickly, you're in my thoughts often.
Happa, Hope everything is going well and hope you can give us an update soon. Miss hearing from you.

As always,

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Happa, So happy to hear the good news!!!

To wind up the last several days:

My lovely wife and I got to spend some quality time with UIM last night (We tried to call you EvilG, but your phone was forever busy...) . We had a very good time and a nice talk and it just reminds me of why I am going to miss him so much now that he's gone back home. At least I did resolve one issue, I was able to give him that big hug after all...


Monday, July 01, 2002

I just need to get this off my chest. UIM, I love ya, and you'll always be among my closest friends. Your mother is very sweet and it was great to be around her, but there was one other woman there who was about a quarter of a hair-width from getting my size 11's driven so deep up her ass that she could tie the laces with her teeth. I never want to see this nasty complaining miserable hulk of a woman again. I hope you can understand. This is no reflection upon you or your mom or Art or anyone else, but this woman is permanently on on my complete jackass list. Please try and forgive me if you are upset by this, I don't know if she is a direct relation of yours or not, but after 4+ hours of emptying the attic and the basement and everything else, having to hear her keep saying things like "Oh I still see space in there on top of other things", "You could get more in there if you tried harder", "They were ok at the beginning but now they're no good"... The bile keeps rising in my throat just remembering it. I told her to feel free to climb in the truck and re-organize things any way she'd like, but strangely she declined my offer. Mike and I left is such a huff that I left my sunglasses there. Well, all I can say is that if what we did was helpful to your mom and to you, it was very much worth it, I'm just sorry I let it get to me as much as it did and I am sorry I did not get to see you and give you a big hug before I went home. I am sorry for that most of all.