Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Congratulations Paul and Brenda!!! I only wish I could access your website to confirm the news!!! :-O

Hope you all had a happy holiday!!!

I was a bit suprised when my wife's family decided to suprise me with a group gift that was quite unexpected: A 3 foot tall Karaoke machine with Built in Monitor CD/Tape and recording capabilities. This could get ugly! :-)

Have a wonderful new year everyone and all our love and good wishes!

2003 will be awsome!!! or at least higher in number than 2002...


Tuesday, December 24, 2002

First Briefly, I have been wondering quietly what kind of Laptop Brenda has gotten and piecing together descriptions here and there I am going to guess either a Fujitsu Lifebook or a Toshiba Libretto. Okay you can all resume you normal lives now that I have finally shared my opinion with you all.

Next, Yes I suck. I missed all the special occaisions, all the birthdays and everything else, didn't post or e-mail or anything. I suck I suck I suck I suck. Okay now that said, my apologies, warm wishes to you all and let's move on.


Oh, and Merry Cristmas...

Love to all my friends,

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

It's reading lines like this that make me so thankful I Blog:

From 'Top 10 Signs Santa's Marriage is in Trouble' - THANKS HAPPA!
"2. Stockings aren't the only things he's been nailing in front of the fireplace."

Thank you and bless you all. You have no idea how much of a boost it is to read a passing line from Purge or an Update from Metrocake or any number of the wonderful, intelligent thoughts most of you share here. I pull for you in your tough times (Tempest, Skye, UIM, Ally...) and cheer for you in the good(Chyna, Happa, Brenda...). Behind my silence I'm shouting your names and cheering you on and passively plotting the demise of...well nevermind :-) In any event Happy Holidays guys!!!

Nicholas is so wonderful. He has just started solid foods (He's over 4 months old MY GOD!!!) and he has the featherweight division crown for most powerful bowels (Did I ever explain what a 'Blow Out' is? Nuff Said). My wife is wonderful and beautiful and I cherish the 1-1 1/2 hrs we get toghether each evening. My life is truly full. And now, something completely different:

How The Wind Your Name Flies

Deftly dodging creative articulation
Openly advertising logic, ambiguous at best
Portraying the norm using leveraged skill ripe with want
Echoing words dropping to the pavement with a dull sloshing thud
You are the pinnacle of the nader


Monday, December 02, 2002

Pointing out the remarks of the insanely ignorant is no more productive than beating a cripple, both too easy and cruel to be worth it. So I will just say nothing and let the stink sit on the wind :-)

Happy Holidays to you all!

Much love,