Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Happa - I hope you feel better soon. That bug is going nuts this year and I hope it gets tired soon because we are running out of healthy people! We also miss the sunshine you bring when you are feeling well and blogging! Put that boy of yours to work!!! :-)

Rain - About two weeks late... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Get well soon and if anyone doesn't like it or doesn't have nice encouraging things to say, tell them to go F#ck themselves! People kill me, it's like Moses parts the Red Sea and his mother says "Couldn't, you do anything about all the mud?" If I were him I'd say "You freakin ungrateful B!tch! Go back to Egypt, primadonna and do us all a favor!" But I digress... Welcome to the prego pack. My wife and I got Married on Nov. 3 and got pregnant two weeks later. Humorously, becuase of how they mark the "beginning" of the pregnancy, the date of the beginning of the term is Nov 2 (I can just hear the whispers now...good grief) :-)

EvilG - Few things freighten me as much as the goings on in your head and life... The only thing worse is the persistant knowledge that every time you close your eyes and go to sleep you contaminate the bed that I instilled with unintentional celebasy and very intentional flatulence for so many years... Yes, that is wrong, very wrong, but as my betroved says "flatulence is never right"...

Ally - How interesting, I myself grew up in queens and now we live in Holtsville (just to the left and below nowhere) I am hoping and hoping you get in that house soon! As far as Brogan, count your blessings you have a clean normal man. Remember, "It's better to have a crank hubby than a rank chubby!" Yea, I had to reach too far for that, but what can you do you know?

Ghost - Glad you are starting to feel better, hope you make it the rest of the way soon. I think I get a little upset about being referred to as a "Piggie" and strangely, the more weight I gain, the more it bothers me :-)

Tempest - There are no words to describe what that job is putting you through. actually there are, but in order to say enough of them here my screen would just look like this: (*(%%$#@%)*)(&&^_(*+)&&$^(&%T+&*()*)$%)*&&+)(&*+@)(*&)^+*($#@)*()&)+_&$$@$@^%R#$^ or is that the formula for gravity???

Logi - You have so much going on it's amazing. You are so strong and able to feel what you need to. I miss karaoke with you and Ghost and Skye and I hope we can all do that again soon. My goodness, my last place was in Copiague. It seems everyone has ties to places I used to live. It's like 6 degrees of Joe! Stay strong, keep riding these things out and good things will come more and more. My wife has an on and off and on again obsession with the SIMS too... She loves that thing, all the expansions. I told her to talk to me this summer when they come out with the version that you can play over the internet. Maybe we can all make a 'virtual' neighborhood with sims named after ourselves... :-)

Chynakatt - Never have I laughed so hard ar something I KNOW I shouldn't!!! "African Queen" hehehehehehe. Boy what a rough morning! I did that with a grilled cheese a couple weeks ago. I'm not allowed to play with the toaster oven anymore... :-) It's funny. I read your web page and then without thinking about it, I went back later to see what was on TV tonight that might be good. Man the power of the pen (keyboard)...

Coogwah - Dude, hope that phlehm thing gets better...ICK!

UIM - Here's more than just the words, but a video clip of the whole opening! http://web.ukonline.co.uk/craig.pierce2/video/six_open.rm

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Just want to pop on and tell you all I miss you very much, have been trying to read your blogs when possible and am thinking good thoughts all around. I have been very VERY busy and a bit under the weather, but I wanted to make sure and drop a quick line. Quickly though SKYE, there is little I enjoy more than reading the things your write from the heart. Hope the job fair went well!


Friday, January 18, 2002

Happa, I'm sorry, I tried that visualization thing, but I am too stressed. I picture that wonderful place and it becomes filled with ghosts (no relation) of people looking for me. They can't see me, but they are constantly milling about and it unnerves me... Maybe a nice black room in a world full of ethereal mutes... I might know people are there, but they'd be less likely to bug me... :-)
Okay, Ally, there is so much in your blogs that keyed me up and made me go "Hey, yea, Yea, YEA, YEA!!!" All I say is, way to go, you nailed a lot of what's wrong with people..."

Okay so yes, I have to comment as well.

What are the two biggest problems in the world as far as I'm concerned? (You can skip this if you Read Ally, it mostly a repackaging of what she said with different examples. Why do it then? Hey man, sometimes you just have to get that load out for yourself...):

1) People who continue to make decisions or carry out functions arbitrarily. People who just do shit because well they have to make a decision or hey it's on the list.
A. I hate people who just blindly pursue a line regardless of common sense and facts presented. "I know they have 100,000 surplus ice cream cones, but I'll be
damned if they're not going to buy some of mine!"
B. I hate people who carry out orders just because they are told to regardless of scruples or morals. "No I wouldn't normally club those cats to death, but hey it's on
the list and I gotta work right?"
C. I hate people who'd walk into a building, basically smell smoke, ignore it, look at their list of things to do say shit like "Hmmm, fix fire sprinklers or incinerator?
ummmmm, one potatoe two potatoe.....incinerator it is"

2) People trying to be (Like Ally alluded to) so innoculous and politically correct that reality goes out the window to the extent that things they do lose their origional meaning
(Example 'I can hear the flames now...')
A. "Let's do a Memorial to Japanese Americans who suffered during WWII. Okay, but can be put a black guy and a couple of Puerto-Ricans in it too, for cultural
diversity? Yea, and a Jewish guy too so it's religiously diverse. Hmmm, okay but then we better change the name..."

Please understand that I am not against diversity, just not at the expense of common sense. Live the motto "Find a way" but not the motto "F*ck it, do it, don't think about it".
And the verdict is?... DANTE

You have a very simple view of life, and it takes a lot of convincing to get you to break your routine. You seem to overreact over petty things, and your one track mind keeps you from focusing in on your main problem: the fact that you never let go of the past. You're too busy thinking about what used to be that you don't notice the wonderful things you have right in front of you. You fail to appreciate your interesting adventures because of the broken record playing in your head: "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?" Quiz!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

I'm having an Identity crisis....losing sense of self...Chynakatt says I am UIM, mind says Wryguy....paradox....who is right, who is wrong, world upside down, reality becomming undefinable...existence in question...>POOF!<
What's sad is I started reading the third iteration of Rhinogirls post before I started to think "Hey, this sounds familiar...wait a minute!..." Sad...very sad...

Friday, January 11, 2002

Ally - Feel better soon!!! Where do you work in the city? I take the 1-2 (formerly 2-3) down to Wall street. :-)

Ghost - You are a good man and I respect you highly, but I suspect the statement "...the greatest show in the history of television, Survivor..." may one day be regreted... Then again, I am biased because I never saw the show as anything more than manufactured escapism, although maybe I am just jealous of the show because I would be horribly inadequate on it... You never know...

Chynakatt - Dude, Days of Thunder, Coctail? (Insert Lerch sound here) :-) Here's a few movies on my list (a lot of others are already on yours:
The Dark Crystal
Better off Dead
Grosse Point Blank
Blues Brothers
Star Trek 2 or 6
Liar Liar
Starship Troopers
On Golden Pond (SHUT UP!) :-)
Runaway Bride (see comment above)
The Wedding singer
Leathal Weapon (all of em)
Harold and Maude
Where's Poppa (Even more obsuce Ruth Gordon Movie W/George Segal)
Analyze This
Chrimson Tide
Beverly Hills Cop
The Matrix (Sorry Sparks)
Monsters Inc.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

There's many more, but that's what's on the top of my head...

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Happa, again, thank you. I love reading your advice. I just feel safer having it, like a big reference section in a library to draw on when I need it :-)

I think the biggest change since the pregnancy is the belly rubs. Bellyrubs bellyrubsbellyrubs... 4am, I just automatically roll over and start rubbing. The funny part is that for some reason it doen't bother me at all. I think I am just so happy about us being pregnant that I am total wifey's boy...

UIM, Thanks for the e-mail today, just what I needed! :-)

Skye and Rhino - Hope you huys post again soon, thinking of you both, hope all is well. Sure I could call, but isn't it easier for me to just whine about you not posting in a blog instead? :-)

EvinG - I don't know which I feel more: The anticipation of your next post or the fear of it.... :-)

sorry, guys, I have more to say to you all, but I am wholly unmotivated... Tired... surry..laita...

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Hello everyone, sorry about the long delay between posts. I have been reading all of your blogs though and thinking of you all, so I have not truly been very far away. :-)

Well Sparks' morning sickness has gotten a bit better, it seems some antibiotics she was on had intensified her nausea something awful, but now that they are done things are better. She still tired a lot though and moody (normal for this time) so I have trying to help out around the house more so she can sleep. Consequently, I have been a bit tired myself and not a-postin...

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on, say hello and thank you all for your thoughts and even just for reading this. It is a comfort to know others are out there.

The subway ride every morning has become so infuriating that I am labeling people "Jackass" at an unprecedented rate. Judging by the number of Jackass liscences I have, I am going to run out of the remaining 42,375 labels in about 4 days.... I never realized how many Jackasses there are. No I mean real thoughtless, selfish, obnoxious, inconsiderate morons. It seems all the stops have changed. There used to be stops like "Houston Street" "Christopher Street" "Chambers Street", now there is only one stop "Jackass Junction" and we stop there over and over and over again....