Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Good luck ALLY! Come home safe...and early! :-)
Happa: My best to you and your family and have a wonderful birthday for the little one. Ours turns 8 months next week, it is the best time of our lives...
Angel: Hope things turn around for you. I know how much being sick can suck and I hope you all get better soon!

To everyone else: All the best in everything you do! Have a great week!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Whuh...huh? Good gravy this isn't the link to GOATS? Holy crap blogger, remember that? Oops, yea, I guess you do. It's been a while hasn't it? I hope everyone is doing well, not that you'll likely read this as I am sure most of you are convinced that I either died or turned to selling flowers in paper pants at the airport...

In any event, a lot has happened. The baby got Christened, he got is first haircut, his first ear infection and his first tastes of bananas and stage three foods. He'll be 8 months next week. To quote Rhinogirl "Great Googly Moogley" and no I don't know who the "CHEFS" are...

As far as me, I got the privilage of the worst illness of my life so far (or pretty damn bad anyway). I woke up with a little caugh on a Saturday, and by that night was immobile. I had a 103 temperature for the next 4 days and a nice case of Flu AND Bronchitis to deal with. You know how they say "You may have a Flu if you have any of the following symptoms:" well I had them all, it sucked really bad. Then to make things even better, I had a reaction to my medication, dizzyness and disorientation being the GOOD parts of it, life sucked for just a little while there.

My poor wife was stuck doing EVERYTHING and when the baby got sick with his combo ear infection-cold, was left to take care of both of us (Did I mention the baby got sick while I was sick...). She somehow held it together and got us all through it. In my book there is no superman, just her.

Anyway, the nice weather has been so welcomed, we got to go to the park and for a nice walk yesterday and I really started to feel good and human again so I wanted to drop you all a line and let you know I miss you all and I hope you are all doing well. I am making every effort to start reading blogs, but I am so far behind it has been a daunting task...

quick take on recent events:

The War:
I support our troops. I respect what they are doing and what they are putting on the line to do it. I never make the mistake of imposing my like or dislike of the goverment and it's decisions onto the people who choose to believe in the system and plegde their lives to that faith. I believe the troops are a symbol of bravery, faith and strength and that is unwavering.
I think George Bush is a bitter child who thinks he is going to fix the world by redeeming his father's failure.
I think the war is a huge mistake. I don't believe there is a person we can kill or a place we can destroy that will make the world think better of us or stop wanting to kill us.
I think it's absolutely OBSCENE that the president has chosen to take money away from educating his own people in order to pay for this war. But then why should he care, no one he knows goes to public schools.
I Believe that we absolutely could have waited longer for diplomacy and I am APPALLED that George Bush continually references 9-11 to justify his actions. It is no secret that IRAQ had NOTHING to do with what happened directly. I think it's a travesty to drag the tragedy those families endured around to promote the war effort. You cannot just declare 9-11 like a magic word to make Americans get behind you.
I think it is a sign of stupidity that George Bush keeps saying that Amercia has been trying to get Iraq disarmed for 12 years, implying that it was persued with anywhere near the level of earnest that is was immediately preceeding the war. I'd personally like to slap that pissy little brat smile off his face every times he balks at questions about waiting longer. Where are all the U.N. resolutions and actions the U.S.A. lobbied for during those 12 years? I'll tell you, NOWHERE. Why? Because we didn't particualarly care about the status of Iraq and maybe even let time go by just for the opportunity to use the surrender agreement for levereage later.
I do firmly believe that this is a war of vanity. A war of Pride and a War of a bully doing what he wants even when the world tells him otherwise. What do you think is going to happen George Bush? Do you know who is watching? Korea, India, Iran... What are all the countries that hate us going to think every time we run in to a country despite world opinion. What are the growing powers going to think when you ignore the will of the U.N. then defer other countries to them. Why should they respect the U.N.? Why should they trust this country to respect and abide by their judgements.
George Bush has done so much to hurt the credibility of this country that there is no telling anymore what we can do to recover. I don't mean now, I mean in 5, 10, 20 years from now when there are too many countries with Nuclear weapons to control and too many burned bridges to level the political playing field? We have and are currently badly abusing our size and power. Being bigger and stronger does not justify doing whatever we want and not respecting the soverignty of the countries we don't like. Look within the U.S.A., we hate those that burn the flag, we ban groups from the radio who speak out against the war, we punnish people who do exactly what is supposed to make this country great, the ability to speak out and to dissagree and to express our displeasure with choices made. This is a double-standard and one that we cannot continue to impose upon the world.
There may be hideous things going on in other countries, but as much as we hate those things we do NOT have the right to invade because of them. We can join together with the countries of the world to bring about change though and that is the system that we should be putting our very soul into building up. How can this country survive in a new world where world powers are a single bomb or missle away from being able to tell us to go to hell? You can see it starting already...

My two cents.