Thursday, May 26, 2005

Star Wars Episode III....Rocked! Don't agree? I honestly don't remember asking your opinion...

Had a great time With the MRS, NightSkye and Angel, hopeful that we'll have some FF action coming in the future. Fantastic Four you perv!

Life is good overall, sorry no gossip...

I am celebrating tonight...I met my wife exactly 5 years 1 week and 2 hours ago...I don't know how I made it through the preceeding 29 years, but I plan on continuing to blissfully pretend they never really happeded. Except for you all of course...well maybe not YOU but most of you... :-)

Monday, May 02, 2005

I can probably forgive myself for falling victim to a deceptive business practice if it's well done, but I want to jump off a bridge when I have to repeat the same instruction to a client 6 times before realizing not only is he not comprehending the simple task I am requesting he perform, but also that that task itself was requested based information this mellon-head gave me which was inaccurate in the first place....

This happened today:
"Do you have the latest version or did you install it straight from the CD?"
"From the CD"
"Ok, You need to apply all the patches to a master image first and then reinstall the product."
"Can I apply them to the CD?"
"No, you have to make a folder on the hard drive and copy the CD into it. Thats called a "master image".
"Do you already have a master image?"
"No just CD 1"
"Did you install this from the CD or from a master image on the hard drive?"
"From the CD 1"
"I need you to copy the CD into a folder on your hard drive"
"What part?"
"All of it"
"What the CD?"
"I have the CD though"
"You need to copy the contents of that CD into a folder on the hard drive"
"CD 1?"
"Yes CD 1"
"I have it"
"What do you mean?"
"You want me to copy it?"
"Yes, to the hard drive"
"What do you mean? It's CD1"

"You need to browse the contents of the CD rom, select all, copy and then paste all of that data into a folder on the hard drive so that we can patch it"
"What do I do with the folder that's there?"
"What do you mean?"
"There's Cd 1 there already"
"Copied to the hard drive?"
"Did you know it was there?"
"Yes, that is what I installed the application from"

...I'll spare you the rest, but long story short, he already had the patches applied and I wasted an hour of my life with this waste of space...

Somebody help me...