Thursday, March 28, 2002

I am so sorry to Hear about Metrocake's loss as well as Tempest's. My heart goes out to both of you...
Okay, some people say it's a boy, others say I'm looking at a leg. What do you think???

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Thanks Happa, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you're thoughfulness!

Baby News: We just had our 20 week sonogram and I am happy to report that everything looks perfect. We don't know the sex of the baby per se, but I at least think the sono pic speaks for itself. Hopefully I'll post that tonight. You moms out there help me out ok? I would swear I see 'testicles' (I was told 'Balls' was too crude :-) What do you think???

Hope everyone is well!

As Always...

Friday, March 22, 2002

Boogie shoes really put it well, check out her site:

Thursday, March 21, 2002

It seems Rain has left us, I am personally sad for this fact. I had hoped to urge her to avoid the source of her frustration and instead may have played a hand in her leaving. Apparently her e-mail address is no longer working so I am posting here in the chance that she may read this and I can give a proper goodbye. Goodbye Rain, you will be missed. It's sad to see a good neighbor move out of the neighborhood, you're always left with something less, something that you cannot get back and you feel that loss for a long time...
To reiterate, you may not care what people think when they read your blog, but you do blog for people to read, that is the point of blog, to say otherwise, again, is bullshit.
What strikes me the most about this whole blog thing is how great an illusion of closeness it generates while maintaining us in distinctly disconnected states.

In short, if we were all at a diner, sitting around a table together, none of this shit would be happening. I'd bet on it. Maybe the blog is too personal, too easy? We can sit alone and write the random thoughts in our minds without filter. We can write what is secretly important beneath a veil of whimsy, we can rant about delicate things without direct consequences.

Don't tell me you don't care if anyone reads your blog, that it's just a place to vent. That is straight up bullshit B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. If you want a journal, open up MS Word or download staroffice for free and save the damn thing on your hard drive. The insinuation that people blog without wanting their blogs to be read is the biggest fraud on God's earth. I will not debate or even entertain debates on this topic, it would be an insult to do so.

To be trite and inane, the blog is a pie and we are all chefs. We all cook our own shit, throw it into the pot and then act suprised when the pot as a whole starts to suck. Why do people keep bitching about what gets thown in the pot while still taking the cover off and offering it to the chef they keep bitching about.

The blog is an ILLUSION. When everyone believes in it the illusion is virtually real, but if anyone sees through the illusion or disrespects it, then people can get hurt or disillusioned. We are not really here around a table, laughing and having good times, being interactive and thoughtful towards eachother, we are posting to a dead space, filling it, hoping someone will read and post a response, giving us the illusion of gathering and conversation and unfortunately we have no choice but to internalize what we read as if someone was sitting before us saying these things directly to us. If you've ever read a real message board you would notice that they are full of people who rant and whine and posture in ways they never would in person because they are safely tucked away behind a computer somewhere and that is an accepted, if unliked, mentality. It becomes an issue though when the people in that message board are your friends, then that mentality gets you into trouble.

So to the people being offended, delete the link to the offending site, don't go there and pretend you never did. problem soved.
To the people doing the offending, if you even secretly care that what you are saying might be hurting the actual people in your life, maybe you stop and ask yourself how a statement might be recieved and make an attempt to qualify it to show you are not just indifferently making reference to someone or something that you don't like. Whether you get it or not, this is a PUBLIC forum, not a word doc on your machine and maybe you should respect it that way. A forum is not a place for just doing whatever the hell you want, even if you have the right to, because you respect at least some of the people you are "speaking" to when you post.

End Rant.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002


I thought that would get your attention. But the truth is I have no truth about Ghost. I do have a truth about me that came to light while reading Ghost however and I must want you all to read it if I've gone through all this trouble just to get your attention.

The reality for me is that there is nothing wrong or malicious about Ghosts caring or not caring about what I post in my blog. The problem is with me (I believe this may apply to many people but I can only speak for myself, thus read this and comment) I want to feel important, interesting, funny. I want people to care about the crap that is meaningless to them. I want them to stroke me and tell me how smart I am. I can rise happily to the occaision of being attacked or criticized because I am being acknowledged directly and that has value. In truth, while I care about the people who's blogs I read, I don't always care about what they write, heck I don't ALWAYS read what they write. It has no bearing on what they mean to me or how much I like them, just a matter that sometimes I need to deal with something or are busy or are self absorbed for a while and don't want to deal with the "rambling post so and so made today". I may happily read tomorrow, I may suddenly care about a similar post later or I may not. While it may be unpopular to say so,I believe that what Ghost is doing is more genuine and honest that what I do, even if it is more crude or cold. So it's a choice I think, basically. I don't think people like the concept of sometimes, they want to hear "I'm always interested, I always care".. and saying something like "I sometimes listen, I sometimes care" is met with a negative backlash, maybe even moreso than the person who never cares, because at least then it's even. No one is singled out on any given day to be ignored. So whatever that makes me so be it. Listening to Ghost for so long and seeing the amount of heat he takes while perservering has more or less shamed me into outing my own way, dispelling the manufactured illusion and leaving only the truth that on any given day, depending on my mood and a dozen other factors, I may not read your blog and I may not care about what you say. I do however always car about you as friends.

Ghost said he doesn't care about baby talk because he cannot relate, and this is true beyond him. If my wife wasn't pregnant I wouldn't be nearly as interested in others who were. I would care about them but not so much their writing regarding babies. But I think that is human nature. You care about things that are relevant to your life and other things may hold passing interest but they fall away as there is nothing in the context of your own life for them to anchor to.

I think the distortion comes in because Ghost makes no attempts to qualify his remarks. Perhaps he believes it would just introduce another element for people to misunderstand, perhaps he beleives it would be a sign of weekness or stooping to a lower level to do so or perhaps he has some other reason. But no matter the reason, it would be as naive to assume there are no gualifiers or that he doesn't care about the people as it would be to infer that he doesn't care about anything he reads, I don't believe that is the case, but I guess that is a topic for him, should he choose to address it.

On my end, that's about it. I hope you all understand and maybe even identify, if not, I guess I could just start playing solitaire in my spare time :-)

As always...

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Thoughts and Prayers to Paul and Brenda. May you find comfort and peace through the pain and a sense of love from beyond...

Friday, March 15, 2002

To all the wonderous blog: Baby updates are a-comin! A week from Saturday is the next sonogram, those pics should be really exciting! (For us anyway, but as usual, I will force them upon everyone anyway) :-)

Lawsuit lure of the day:CHASE MANHATTAN BANK SUCKS!


I have a corporate account with them. I pay them to hold my money. I have over $5,000 in that account and I have to pay them to hold it. I have to pay them for checks, I have to pay them for EVERYTHING! THEY SUCK! Interest? Um no, because I have to pay much more than the interest. But they let me know that if I put $25,000 in the account they'll call it even, more than that and I might make a few cents. Oh yea, sorry, let me just reach in my pocket and greab another 20G for ya...

I go in there today to get a couple of money orders...Those Mother Fuc&ers want to charge me $7.00 per money order or $10.00 per bank check. They are a bunch of blood sucking poor service, indifferent, uncaring, scumbags and if I thought for a second I would get treated like a human at another bank I would switch immediately!

Tempest: VERY funny stuff! Hey, when are you going to share the wealth and start an internet D&D campaign. We have mic's, we have web cams, what's the holdup???? :-)

Monday, March 11, 2002

Rain: I don't know what you were referring to when you wrote about people in the war, but I sympathize with your sentiment. If people want to feel good about or be proud of what they or their children do that's great, but ANYONE who tries to accomplish that same good feeling and pride by deriding those who do not make the same choices, are not only fools, but undeserving of the happiness and pride they are trying to reinforce by their immature behavior.
Nightskye, Dude, I have called you 4 times and left 3 messages. Are you ok? I am worried here, can anyone confirm that he and Rhinogirl are doing all-right?
Happa: My heart dropped while I started reading about you situation. I thank God that everything is relatively all right. I am praying for you in a big way.

For everyone else: Except for the teeny tiny window it gives me to write thisblog in, OPERA rules. This is the fastest, most stable web browser ever and you can tell it not to allow ANY POP-UPS!!!! I am so happy browsing now. Sure occaisionally something that requires MS Java causes me grief and I have to load IE, but most of the time it's just smooth as pie.

Friday, March 01, 2002

To the many Ghosts (Not just THE Ghost :-) of Bloggerville: I hope you are all well, I miss hearing from you and I hope you all have a great weekend.

Oh yea and to the Criminals who get off on technicalities and people who hurt or even kill children: "I hope you all rot in hell very soon and forevermore"