Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Everything has an origin
Anything that exists
Must be proceeded by nothingness
or 'something else'-ness
From which it was birthed

Nothing exists exept in relation to somthing else
Simply put, there can be no 'Air' without 'Not Air'
There would only be an indescribable 'IT'

Matter has been proven to be formed, at its core, entirely from energy
Energy exists in various wavelengths and frequencies,
But, there must have been a precursor to that as well since 'energy' did not just pop up and 'exist' one day...

Potential energy is energy that has not been expended yet.
The potential for energy is a natural precursor

So it is fairly indesputable that all that exists now was preceeded by an all-encompassing 'IT' which was preceeded by energy, which itself was preceeded by a single energy force, which was in and of itself preceeded by the potential for that energy.

Given that there are several conclusions that can easily be drawn:

1. Anything that is possible 'IS' somewhere or way.
2. Time is an infinite loop.
3. Everything that exists, at its root is nothing more than the potential for existance.
4. If you sum all time and all possibilities for existance you will obtain a number both equal to 0 and 1 because where dealing with 'everything' there is no relative external body so everything and nothing at that point become equal.

The point?

Everything that exists in our world and our lives is part of a greater everything that ultimately is also nothing so there is no real value or purpose to anything except that which we choose. So why does anyone act or believe simply what they are told to or pressured/expected to when that very act of conformity renders you, by it's very nature, non-existant...

Fill in the blanks people...